Are you looking for the best laptop insurance company that can insure your expensive laptop? If yes, then keep reading as I'll reveal the Top Best Laptop Insurance Companies out there.

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The laptop has become one of the most valuable gadgets in the 21st century, a lot of people perform various tasks on their laptops such as Animation, web coding, machine design, architecture, and many more.

The laptop has become part of everyday life for everyone no matter which field that person belongs. This device can be used in engineering, medicine, design, and many more. Anything you can think of requires a laptop in other to carry out tasks effectively.

Some of these laptops are very expensive, and when they get broken by accident or damaged, they might cost a lot to get.

With this, there are insurance companies out there to ensure your laptop against theft, loss, or damage. This type of insurance falls under the category of gadget insurance, which can be accessible under some standard home insurance policies.

The coverages being offered by these companies cover laptops that are stolen or damaged under covered perils such as fire, water, or some other types of natural disaster.

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One thing you need to know before embarking on the journey of insuring your laptop is that this form of insurance is pretty expensive but it is worth any penny. If you're the type that believes that your laptop is an integral part of your daily life, then take your laptop insurance very important.

Many folks today work from home as freelancers, people like that rely on their laptops to perform their work and when anything happens to their laptops, that can mean a pause to their activities.

Before embarking on picking a laptop insurance plan, you need to make sure that you pay attention to what it actually covers. 

To ensure you work with the best insurance companies, we've compiled a list of the Top insurance companies out there that insure laptops.

Top (3) Best Laptop Insurance Companies In 2023

  • Worth Ave. Group
  • Asurion
  • Securranty

Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group is one of the best insurance companies out there. The company is known to offer a different range of insurance policies such as accidental damages, theft, and extended warranty coverage. 

Ever since the company has been in operation, the company has been able to gather customers who are satisfied with their discount services through their partner retailers.

One great thing about the company is its insurance policy that covers laptops for adults, and college students.

Worth Ave. Group offers only standard plans for their laptop insurance coverage, but it also covers a different wide range of perils like theft, vandalism, power surge caused by lighting, cracked screens, natural disasters, and spills. vandalism, a power surge caused by lighting, cracked screens, natural disasters, and spills. 

Pros Of Worth Ave. Group Insurance Company

  • As a policyholder of Worth Ave. Group Insurance, you get to enjoy unlimited claims.
  • Coverages are available for educational laptops, which makes it a good option for students with laptops they depend on for their education.
  • Insurance Partners of Worth Ave. Group may provide you with different premium discounts.

Cons Of Worth Ave. Group Insurance Company

  • Worth Ave. Group Insurance company does not cover theft from unattended vehicles
  • Premiums from Worth Ave. Group is usually higher when compared to other competitors.
  • Claims paid out at replacement value


Asurion is an insurance company that was founded around 1994, with an office all over the world. This makes it a highly-rated company base on reviews and feedback gotten from different customers.

Asurion is a great insurance company out there that offers a policy that has individual warranty coverage or can be bundled with other electronic in the house for a very low monthly fee.

One thing I love about this insurance company is the option that is available to customers to bundle other types of electronics together for a monthly fee which is called their "Asurion Home+ plan".

With Asurion, you can also easily buy an insurance policy directly at Amazon at the time of making your purchase of your new laptop.

One thing with Asurion is that they don't cover loss and theft. Their insurance coverage covers only perils such as power failure, cracked screens, spills, and damages due to normal wear and tear. This insurance is easily accessible via Amazon or the company's official website.

As an aspiring policyholder, you'll be charged $24.99 per month, and coverage starts 30 days after you enroll. Individual laptop insurance plans vary and coverage includes drops and spills, cracked screens, and hardware malfunction. To file a claim, policyholders go online through Asurion’s website.

Pros Of Asurion Insurance company 

  • Receive email updates about the claims process
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Most laptop repairs are completed within two days

Cons Of Asurion Insurance company 

  • Only one coverage option is available


Securranty Is an insurance company that offers one of the best prices for individual policies. As a policyholder, you can receive exclusive discounts when you are purchasing any long-term. When you purchase two or more insurance coverage with Securranty, you'll get to enjoy a whopping 10% discount.

The company remains one of my most recommended companies because of the low premiums that are offered on the purchase of multiple policies. 

The company has a physical headquarters in Houston, Texas where you can walk in easily to get whatever you want. As of 2011, the company was established and licensed as an insurance agency offering extended warranties and insurance plans.

Pros Of Securranty Insurance Company

  • Securranty is known to offer a discount for multiple policies
  • They have good coverage for new and refurbished laptops
  • All models of laptops are covered

Cons Of Securranty Insurance Company

  • Online purchase form tends to be clunky
  • Deductibles are higher for used and rebuilt laptops
  • Individual policies won’t allow choice in deductibles


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