According To  World Bank, the United States Census Bureau. Nigeria is a country with over 211.4 million people as of 2021. This number shows that the country is a great potential market for insurance companies around the world that needed to expand and explore the country's market. Most of these companies need skilled individuals that can man sensitive positions in the country. With this, they go in search of potential talents that can deliver and put their companies in the market as a strong pillar in the insurance market.

But due to the few individuals in the country showing interest in the insurance job, getting the required talent is more like a goose chase and deer hunt.

The question is, are you skilled and qualified enough to become an insurance agent? 

If you need help with how you can become a professional insurance agent in Nigeria, then keep reading the article to the end as I highlight some key essential things you need to know about What It Takes To Be An Insurance Agent In Nigeria

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Understanding What It Takes To Be An Insurance Agent In Nigeria ( Learn How To Become An Agent)

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I'm very sure you're much aware of the stress involved when it comes to funding a career path in Nigeria. This alone can be a depressing tough decision for many qualified graduates out there. However, that doesn't mean there are no gold mines out there. 

If you need a job that has enough flexibility, then considering becoming an insurance agent for any reputable insurance company will be a great option for you. The insurance industry is booming and massively thriving every day and Nigeria is one potential market that one can explore as an agent.

I always tell people that since the market is thriving now and people are beginning to understand the benefit of insurance, this makes it a goldmine for anyone to venture into the line of business before it becomes over-saturated.

What Is The Job Of An Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents or brokers are the middlemen in the insurance business. They serve as a middleman between the customer and the company they work with. Instead of a customer meeting the company directly, the customer can work with the insurance agent and still get top-notch service as that from the company. The insurance agent is responsible for selling policies to customers on behalf of the agency (the insurance company) they work with.

When customers meet an agent to make an inquiry and know the right insurance coverage they need or can get, the agent ensures he helps them out by providing them with all the necessary information they need to know in other to make the right financial decision which at the end is a win-win for all parties involved. 

If you're to start working as an insurance agent, I want you to have it at the back of your mind that your major job is to help your clients or customers with the best policies that fit their needs, and therefore, you must understand the types of plans offered by your agency.

How To Become An Insurance Agent In Nigeria

To become an insurance agent in Nigeria, you need to decide on your niche focus. When I say niche focus I mean the type of insurance policies you wish to sell. I'm sure you know that there are different insurance policies such as life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, collectible insurance, gadget such as smartphones and laptop insurance, and many more. The truth is, not all insurance sell in Nigeria due to the fact that most Nigerians take some of these things seriously. This is why you need to make research to know what insurance policy sells in the country, or in the state where you work and reside.

Over the years, I get to realize that most insurance companies in Nigeria are more focused on Life Insurance and Property and Casualty Insurance. If you take a closer look at these two, you can still find other subsets of insurance such as car insurance, health insurance, fire insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and so on.

Once you've decided that, you can then contact the company you wish to work with and make your intention clear of working as an agent or independent broker. All companies have their ways of operation. They'll give you all the necessary things you need to know.

What Are The Major Requirements For Becoming An Insurance Agent In Nigeria?

Becoming an insurance agent requires some level of education, good communication skills, and sales closing skills. 

All insurance brokers are known to be good marketers, which is why you see them closing sales easily because they know how to psychologically enter the mind of their customers and give them concrete reasons why they need to get that insurance policy.

For you to become an insurance agent in Nigeria, you can start with a minimum of an SSCE, but being a graduate is an added advantage. Some agencies will require you to have a high level of education because you are representing them. This means that you need to be well-equipped with the required knowledge to sell policies to clients.

In a general sense, there is no particular field of study required to become an insurance agent in Nigeria. But a background in areas like marketing, economics, and finance is an advantage.

As I have mentioned before, to become a good insurance agent, you'll need good sales, marketing, and customer skills which would help you attract prospective customers and set you apart from the rest. So, having a prior qualification in this field will give you an edge in this profession. Nonetheless, you can still learn on the job as insurance companies offer training to their agents.

How To Search And Apply To Become An Insurance Agent?

There are so many insurance companies out there in Nigeria. A lot of them are focused on getting reputable agents who can work with them.

If you want to become an agent, you need to know your niche focus in other for you to decide which insurance company you'll be working with.

once you find the company that sells the type of insurance policy you need, you can then apply.

This company will need to appoint you as an agent, and before that, you'll need to pass through their vet process and background check to ensure you're reliable and verified to work with them. This is where company training comes in.

How To Get Clients And Maintain Them As an Insurance Agent

Getting clients in this line of business is not easy, but at the same time does not require any rocket science. 

In other to get clients, you'll need to build some level of trust, and empathy and be realistic or truthful. You don't need to lie to a client because you want to close a sale.

To start getting clients, you can use several channels such as social media, local newspapers, and posters to advertise yourself and what you do.

As a new insurance agent, it is necessary you familiarise yourself with the roles and responsibilities.

  • Assist in sales, advertising, and selling of products and services to its customers.
  • Possess sound knowledge and awareness of the markets.
  • Proffer reliable financial consulting services to customers as well as customer support to the client.
  • Create marketing strategies with the customer's choice in mind
  • Possess excellent public relations capability in other to represent its agency.


There are so many insurance companies out there looking for agents they can work with. You can become one of these agents if you really want to make money. They always offer training to their agents.

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