It has become a norm in today's society that people believe that for you to land a finance job, you'll need to have a degree in finance to get a finance job. That is not true! the world has changed.

In this article, I'll be talking about different ways you can land a job in finance without having a degree in finance.

We all know that a finance or business degree is a major requirement or prerequisite when it comes to getting a job in a related field. But the question is "is having a degree in finance a compulsory requirement for landing a job in the industry?" The answer is YES!. But the truth still remains that anyone without any degree or certification in finance will struggle when it comes to securing a job in that field. But with all that said, hope is not lost for those interested in getting a job without a degree.

In this 21st century, almost every employer is always interested in someone smart, motivated, and committed to a job. Someone ready to learn, adapt to changes and trends, and still deliver to the best of his or her abilities. 

Having a finance degree still shows that you have the edge over someone without one because it will help in impacting different skills such as financial modeling and analysis. Butt this doesn't mean that you will have real-world skills when it comes to applying them in the practical world because skills like effective communication, problem-solving, and time management are not things you get to learn. It happens naturally due to so many factors and it can be considered a personal trait among dedicated, intelligent, and hardworking people.

With all that said, here are different ways that will help you show your employer that you have what it takes and the skills they desire to move their company to the next level. With this, your employer will not be bothered with your qualification but with what you're willing to bring to the table.

Before I discuss these tips that will help employers believe in your ability instead of your certification, I want you to have it at the back of your mind that it is 100 percent possible to have a successful career in the finance industry without any certification such as a degree or MBA. 

This is possible if you spend your time taking necessary courses in finance or economics in other to improve your knowledge and skills that will be useful in the industry. 

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5 Ways To Land A Finance Job Without Degree Or MBA In Fiance

Below are some common ways you can land your first job in the finance industry without having a degree or MBA in finance.

1. Have Knowledge of Wall Street Lingo

This stage is one of the easiest ones in your journey of becoming a professional in finance without a degree. It might not greatly impact your journey but it helps you a lot in the long run.

For you to start your financial journey, you'll need to have a basic or in-depth knowledge of wall street lingo. This means that you need to know the differences between dilution and dividend, or between NPV and DCF. Try as much as possible to equip yourself with different financial terms by reading extensively.

By the time you're able to learn a lot of financial languages and terminologies, you'll find it easy when it comes to interviews. This will create an impressing that you're very knowledgeable about the field, regardless of your educational background or qualifications.

2. Join Impactful Financial Boot Camps.

There are different financial courses out there that are very intensive. Most of these courses will help in sharpening your knowledge in the field.

A good example of these courses is wall street prep and training. With this course, you can get to learn different valuable skills like advanced spreadsheet techniques and financial modeling that are very essential for your finance career.

Most of these courses are very expensive because you'll need to have thousands of dollars to enroll.

The courses will not take much of your time because they take just a few days to complete but they're very impactful because you'll be learning from the best out there.

3. Understand How To use Trading Simulators.

There are different websites and platforms out there where you can get to use their trading stimulators for learning purposes. With these trading stimulators, you'll get to learn how to construct mock portfolios. This will help you in learning how to track the market and keep abreast of market developments. 

By the time you can master it and develop yourself, you can use that as a way for impressing your potential employers by showing them your trading power and ability. Besides impressing your employer, you can still use that to get the knowledge with little or no investment without paying a dime to learn.

4. Run A Finance Blog

Having your very own finance blog is another great way of showing what you know in the field. In today's world, anyone can run a finance blog, what you need is a little startup capital, blog hosting, a domain, and some plugins to run a blog.

While running the blog you'll be compelled to do research in other to share something impactful, and educate your readers. As a blogger, you're required to prove yourself as an authority in your field.

Your blog will create opportunities and serve as proof to your potential employer that you actually know what you're doing because you can get to discuss your various skill sets such as financial acumen, communication skills, and technological dexterity. This mode of self-marketing is most suitable for those who already possess a measure of these skills.

5. Get A Reliable Mentor

Getting a mentor can be challenging because it cost high to get one. But when you try to link up with one, it will help you in jump-starting your career in finance easily.

Your mentor can be anyone that has years of experience in finance, this person should be in a position to influence you to act and think like them.

Possible mentors include your favorite college professor, a family friend or relation with a successful career in finance, or someone you know in a professional capacity, such as a supervisor during a previous internship. Don't hesitate to approach a contact whom you think could help you in your job search.


I have explained everything you need to know about Different Ways to Land a Finance Career Without a Finance Degree in the article above. I hope you were able to get a better understanding of the term.

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